Episode 124: Brett Trapp


Brett Trapp, author of the Blue Babies Pink blog and podcast, joins me. His podcast was one of my top recommendations for last year. Brett has a gift of storytelling and his podcast was just that. It is a story of growing up gay and Christian in the south. Brett joins me around the table to tell his story. The conversation isn’t a theological debate. It isn’t question of whether its right or wrong. It’s simply his story. What I’ve noticed in my life is that when we hear someone’s story, empathy follows.




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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • @@“Story creates empathy.”@@ I loved that quote. If you are a parent, you know that is true. That’s why you read fiction and story book to your kids. The story opens up conversation about how the characters feel. That is what I hope you felt today. My goal wasn’t to create a theological debate, but to simply create an opportunity for empathy. It's hard to hate someone when you get to know them or hear their story.

  • I think so much of what was said today could apply to other scenarios. If you are carrying any sort of secret, keeping it in the dark gives it the power to make you feel alone and unworthy of belonging. Or I find it easy to be wrapped up in what people think of me. And what he said it so true: “It is an absolute curse to spend your life obsessing about what other people think.” Or if you find yourself really disagreeing with someone about something, how can you give them grace and understanding so that you can still love even though you disagree.

  • Stepping out in vulnerability is never as bad as you expect it to be.

  • @@Figure out the people whose opinions really do matter and then don't pay attention to the rest.@@

  • Advice to parents (listen to the Lifeboats episode):

    • -do no harm - if you have to choose between saying too much or saying too little, just don’t say anything in that moment

    • try to avoid theology conversation in that moment

    • don’t make it about you

    • remind them that you love them and that nothing will ever change that

    • @@“The key to happiness is accepting things for what they are not what you wish they were.”@@

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