My Story

Finding my voice.

My twenties were categorized as driven and successful. My resume boasted of working for influential churches and organizations. I was a popular communicator traveling across the globe to speak to students. And I became an author at the young age of 27. 

But then, I turned 30, had kids, faced some rejection and was felt like I had peaked in life. Where the twenties were driven, my thirties felt like a lonely space. Having accomplished so much in life to that point, I wondered if God was finished with me. 

I loved using my voice and longed to communicate again. For years, I asked God what was next. Each year, I felt a strong sense that I was to push others forward. In October of 2015, the podcast, Surviving Sarah, was born. It was to be a place where I could use my voice to push others forward.

Now, I enjoy curating conversations, writing, creating resources that help women know that they aren't alone and that God isn't finsihed with them yet.


My Values



I believe that powerful things happen in the context of conversation. Conversation is valuable to understanding others, finding next steps and discovering that you aren't alone. 



I believe that when you take the opportunity to see from someone else's perspective that walls break down, conversation flourishes and judgment falls to the wayside.



I believe that people have the right to be seen and heard because when that happens they discover that they have a place to belong and are loved for who they are. 




Armed with a cup (or four) of coffee, I tackle the day meeting the needs of my family and my tribe around me. With a background in creating resources for parents and churches, biblical studies masters degree and years of ministry experience, I work to create a space for women to discover that they are not alone. And I want to let them know that they have a voice cheering for them from the trenches.