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Podcaster. Author. Communicator. Cheerleader for others.

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I love helping others know that they are not alone and providing resources to help them survive right where they are.

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The Podcast

This podcast is a place where I get to cheer for how people are contributing to the world and be a megaphone to their story. And I hope that each episode will inspire, encourage and entertain you to survive right where you are.


The Other Podcast

This podcast is a conversation between Sarah as the host and authors, counselors Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan to help come alongside parents to be a resource and help to them as they raise their children. 


Favorite Picks

I am all about helping you survive well. There are some things that have done that for me and I want to pass on the survival skills. I've included some of my favorite books and products that I love and enjoy. 


The Creator

Hey there, I’m Sarah

I recently turned 40 and find myself striving most days to keep my head above water while seeking to live a life with purpose. I am married with two beautiful girls. I began my career in baseball and ultimately found myself in ministry. I worked in full-time student ministry for more than 10 years and then I’ve spent the last 10 years creating resources for those who work in the ministry trenches. Before I had kids, which left me wondering how to connect words to form a complete sentence, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and authored the book, Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves. You can also find me on iTunes hosting the show Surviving Sarah where I get to cheer for how people are contributing to the world and be a megaphone to their story.  

I am here to contribute, to create, and to curate conversation. 


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