Episode 47: Hannah Joiner Crosby

Hannah Joiner Crosby joins me for Episode 47. She is an artist from the Atlanta area who is also married to an artist. And she is a new mom. She sits down at my kitchen table to talk about how she discovered her love for art, roadblocks to being an artist and what has surprised her about motherhood. She gives so many good tips and pieces of advice throughout the conversation. So pull up a chair and join us at the table.


I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Hannah. I hope you sensed the authenticity of her as she spoke. I love how she wasn’t shy to talk about the hard things she faced through her pregnancy because I know that there are some listeners who were able to take a deep breath just knowing that someone else has walked through similar things.

Personally, hearing about how she discovered art was encouraging for me as a mom. @@How can I encourage the creative things that I see in my kids?@@ And it also reminds me of the importance of allowing other people to influence your kids. Give trusted adults the opportunity to know them and encourage those things in them. Not only that, but how can you encourage that in others? Look around. @@We all have influence. What do you see in someone & how can you encourage that in them?@@

Links Mentioned:

Survival Kit:

  • Counseling - she was given great advice to stay in counseling the first year of your marriage

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • When you face something new, look back to what you have walked through. @@Often times, looking back you will gain a sense of calm.@@ Looking back reminds you of how God provided.
  • I really enjoyed hearing about how her parents and her teacher saw something in her and pushed her towards art. I love how her dad would redirect her. If she colored on the walls, he would give her a canvas. 
  • Roadblocks as an artist: 1. Social Media. "Social media has been a confusing, hard thing. On one end it's amazing and you get a lot of business, but then you see others who get more followers and its hard to not compare. @@We tend to get our affirmation from social media@@. @@This platform doesn’t define you as an artist or give you your worth as an artist@@." 2. Moving Around. Its hard to find time and space to create especially as a new mom. 3. Learning how to manage time as a mom. And learning how to stir creativity in a confined time. Her hope is that Miles will be able to be apart of her art one day. @@Remind yourself that this isn’t forever@@.
  • @@Your worth is not tethered to a social platform@@.
  • Best advice she would give herself: keep doing what you love doing, but don’t be irresponsible. Go to a business conference and learn the steps to how to set up an LLC. Take the small steps and don't try to sell art for $2000 from the beginning. @@Even though you are creative & an artist, it is still a business@@. 

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