Episode 46: Wendy Speake

I am excited to have Wendy Speake back on the show this week for Episode 46. You may remember her from Episode 10 when we talked about mommy anger. That was such a great episode. You should definitely go back and listen if you are new to the show.


And today, we talk about creativity and motherhood--a new Renaissance for women. As adults we often give up on what we enjoy doing creatively. Do you remember what you used to love to do? We talk about how to find that again, how to manage the tension between your creative self and your responsibilities and how to embrace who God created you to be.

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Wendy. This subject of creativity has been stirring in me all year. I definitely recommend reading Life Creative and also Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Your challenge this week is to remember what you love doing. My oldest has started learning the guitar and you know what, I used to play the guitar but surprise, surprise I stopped. So I want to pick it back up. What is it for you? What can you do this week for your creative self? And if you feel like posting it for us to see, tag me and Wendy and use the hashtag #lifecreative We want to cheer you on!

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • @@Sometimes your dream can be your trigger to anger when it comes to your kids@@. 
  • Fitting mom back into motherhood. Sometimes we lose our simple self care. We are good at getting our kids taken care of, yet we don't make it a priority to take care of our own needs. Take time for soul care. @@We see how God made our kids wonderfully unique, but how has God made you unique?@@
  • We need to learn how to sanctify our days and our seasons in order to fit those things into our lives not at the expense of our kids. @@Set time aside like a holy thing@@. When it comes to managing the tension between our passions and the practical, "we need to understand that we can have it all, but you may just not be able to have it ALL today. You don't have to do it all at the same time."
  • As adults we give up on what we creatively enjoy. What did you enjoy when you were growing up? @@Grown ups still need creative outlets@@. Remember what you loved to do. 
  • "Sometimes we have to lay down some of our passions and pleasures in lieu of the practical season. @@Remember the God who made us is holding on to our creativity. It's not lost. There will be an awakening@@."
  • All of us are welcome to join the renaissance fair. Women need to find a place to showcase their creativity. You are welcome to join. This isn't an invitation to compare or to say "I can't".The renaissance is wide open. 
  • We often struggle to believe that we are creative. We think we have nothing to offer. There are creative thinkers and creative doers. @@WE ARE ALL CREATIVE BEINGS@@. You were created in the creative image of God.
  • To sum it up: @@there is gospel power in your creativity@@ whether you are doing it at home with your children or if you are moving out into your community and world. 
  • @@Embrace all of who God created you to be. Be confident in who God made you to be.@@ "A wise woman once said to me that @@there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings@@." --Hodding Carter Jr., American Journalist

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