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Tiffany Bluhm and I became fast friends in this conversation. I was blown away at her story and I think that all of us listening will resonate with her in some way. She is an author, speaker, podcast host, wife and mother who shares her personal stories of rejection, failure and what it’s like to overcome adversity to find your dream. She married with two kids, one adopted from Uganda and one biological. She is Indian and her husband is white and she jokes that their family looks like the United Nations.

In this conversation, she shares her own story of rejection—being abandoned as a baby at only two days old to feeling rejected because she was different than others to being rejected from love as an adult. We talk about the tensions we feel about dreaming about the life we were created for or the life we want—what gets in the way and how to take the next step forward. If you’ve ever wondered if this is it in life or feel stuck where you are, then this conversation will encourage you. 

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  • Not only did I love having this conversation but I was really encouraged when I was editing it. I desperately want to move forward in life, to get past the season we are in, but good is cultivating in the midst of the hard. Beauty does grow from dark places. It's all about changing your perspective of how you see where you are. She said, “When we frame adversity as that which will destroy us, it will. If we frame adversity as something that we will overcome and something we were built to handle, we will.” Preach. So, my challenge to all of us is to consider how we have positioned ourselves to face whatever is in front of us. Do you see this season or this circumstance as something that will overcome you or as something that you can and will overcome? 

  • “It is okay to be in process."

  • Why don’t we dream?

    • culturally we haven’t been invited to dream

    • disappointment - what is the dreams don’t come true?

    • self-indulgent - we think we have to take care of everyone else around us

  • "Cut the good to make room for the great. There is room to edit our lives.”

  • The broken storylines of your story are still worthy and useful.

Discussion Questions:

  • In what ways do you wrestle with the tensions that were mentioned about why we tend to not dream about the life we want to live?

  • What helps you let go of those and push forward? Or what do you think would help you?

  • What contributed to you feeling like you can’t reach your dreams? comparison, failure

  • What brings your joy?

  • What is a way that you could edit your life to make room for what you need and want?

  • What is one step you could you take forward?

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