Episode 160: Beth Keener & Greer Howard of The Local Lense



It's my pleasure to welcome Beth Keener and Greer Howard from The Local Lense to the show today. The Local Lense is an online entertainment media outlet covering entertainment in the south. They have been friends for years and cover entertainment as friends. They want to lift the industry up with positive, approachable and relatable content. Both have a long history of work as actors in the entertainment business. Currently, Greer is the in house reporter for the Atlanta Braves and Beth spent last season working as a side line reporter for Atlanta United. 

We have a fun conversation about life in the entertainment industry. We talk about how they became friends and ultimately formed a business together, what their roles as sports reporters, advice on how to work well with friends whether in business or just personally, challenges they face working in that industry and how to navigate the pressure to look a certain way. 

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • When it comes to working with friends, “Remember that at the core you know that this friend loves you and their intentions are good"

  • I love Beth’s advice on body image—we have our unique spice. And Greer said to be the best version of yourself. Realize you will never be the other girls but you can be the best version of yourself.

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