Episode 65: Jordan Baker Watts

Jordan Baker Watts joins me for Episode 65. She is a jack of all trades when it comes to ministry. She’s a musician, vocalist, worship leader, writer, author, podcast, speaker but at the center of it all, she has a heart about encouraging the hearts of moms. We talk highly important things like locking our kids outside, how raising kids has turned us into middle schoolers, and how bodysuits do not need to come back into fashion.

And as we solved so many of life’s problems, we also talked about some amazing things like how to find the hilarity in motherhood, what to do if you struggle with depression, and how to live the abundant life that God has placed before you.

I loved sitting across the table from her and laughing about life. Her desire to laugh at all things truly comes out. I had so many takeaways from our conversation, but I want to highlight here about how isolating motherhood can be. And honestly, you don’t have to be a mother to feel isolated. You can be single or married without kids. Often, we as women, find ourselves in seasons of life where we feel isolated and alone.And instead of opening up about it, we choose to suffer in silence. So I want to encourage you to tell someone. Open up to someone you trust. I have a small group of close friends—my squad if you will—who we can be honest with each other. We need the place to say things like, “I am just really hurting.” “I can’t seem to get out of bed.” We need people to encourage us and come alongside us as we walk through things. I love that she said, “Its never too late to do something about it. If you know that this isn’t the abundant life that God has called you to, then you can be changed.” So, ask God to show you one thing that He wants to change in you.


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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • Take time to look for the moments that are peppered into the stressful moments and challenging moments. @@Motherhood is hard. Laugh and find joy in the great moments and the hard moments@@. God can still bring great joy in the midst of the difficult.
  • @@God has called us to live in freedom here and now@@. Relinquish the sense of control that we think we have and let Him be God and we just be moms. There is so much freedom that comes from that. Stop stressing out over every little thing. Step back and let Him be God. Enjoy the life He’s given you.
  • There are so many hurting women—especially in the church—who think this is solely a spiritual battle and they suffer in silence. If you are really struggling, go see a doctor or counselor. Motherhood can be so isolating. Sometimes you don’t have an outlet to talk about things so you need to take the initiative. For most people, depression is a slow decline and you don’t realize that you are depressed.
  • God doesn’t need a miserable servant. Figure out how He has wired you and use it to further His kingdom. You don’t need to prove yourself to yourself, to God, or to others. It's never too late to do something about it. If you know that this isn’t the abundant life that God has called you to, then you can be changed. What is one thing you want to change in me right now?
  • @@Own what is unique and true about you. When you do that, freedom inevitably will follow@@. Look at what you are doing and think, “How can I be the best me?” Not how can I be the best. Someone will always be better. Examine what makes you come to life and what is special about you that could be tools to be used for God’s kingdom. Make a list of what fills you and drains you. Then, just be the best me and do it how God has wired you—not how he has wired others. @@Take your eyes off of other people and be obedient to God alone@@.
  • You can experience an abundant life right now. What areas am I living where I haven’t stepped out of the shackles? Ask God and then run free. 
  • @@Just because someone else does something doesn’t diminish your value@@. When you feel that sense of insecurity rise up, say to yourself: "I take myself out of the running for being the best _____" Fill in that blank for you.

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