Episode 33: Kara-Kae James

Kara-Kae James joins me for Episode 33. She is a preacher's wife who lives in Texas with their four kids. You may know her as the executive director of Thrive Moms--a ministry that encourages and equips moms.


We talk about how much we love Target (and no Target isn't a sponsor, but it probably should be), postpartum depression and anxiety, adoption and how she makes working from home work for her.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Kara-Kae. I think what really stuck with me is what she said about seasons. How sometimes we think that our dreams or what we want should happen right now. And that doesn't just apply to motherhood. All of us have dreams that aren't quite a reality. I bet all of us have been waiting for something. We see other people getting to enjoy whatever season we think is better or where we want to be. But be encouraged that your season is coming. Its okay for it to be hard and to hang out and wait for the next season all the while asking God to help you enjoy the season you are in. The hardest part is not knowing the length of any given season.

I completely relate to this. Before having kids, I traveled to speak and was published. Then, I had kids and it was like I was thrown into the dead of winter in terms of my career. The dreams didn't go away. It wasn't like I stopped having ideas, but it was just like it wasn't happening. Seven years later when the youngest went back to school, it was like new buds starting to grow on the limbs of the trees. All the dreams aren't a reality, but I'm catching opportunities in this new season. 

What about you? What season do you find yourself in? I hope that you were encouraged today.

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