Episode 25: Joy Phenix

Joy Phenix joins me for Episode 25. She is a wife to Billy for almost 19 years, has two kids and a dog. She and her husband are one of my favorite couples to watch. She spent 27 years working for A&E Networks before starting her own production company. She blogs everyday, enjoys to travel and loves a good story.

There was so much that I wanted to talk about with Joy. I'm pretty sure we could have sat around my table for hours. We talked about the insanity of summer, raising tweens and the blend of career and motherhood. You are going to absolutely love our conversation. 

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Joy. I was so intrigued with the discussion about the developmental phases of tweens. The part about emotional intelligence was fascinating to me. In fact, we have an upcoming episode dedicated to that conversation coming up on Surviving Sarah. 

I especially loved how she approaches work and motherhood--that it is a blend. Approach it like a diet. We all have different restrictions of what makes our body work well. What blend works for you? What works for me may not work for you. And that's okay!

You definitely want to follow Joy's blog. She is such a fantastic learner and writer. You will not be disappointed. I would love for you to share the show this week. If you know a woman who could benefit from the conversation with Joy, share it on whatever social outlet you use. Thank you again for listening and sharing the show!! And as always, I hope that this show helps you survive a little easier. 

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