Episode 17: Jamie B. Golden

Jamie B. Golden joins me for Episode 17 of the Surviving Sarah podcast. She is a pop culture extraordinaire where she cohosts a podcast about pop culture called The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. Y'all, they had 46k listeners in March. Isn't that incredibly fun!! She is also a cake pop baker and digital marketing consultant. 

We talk about how she became a full-time podcaster and cake pop baker. As a single woman, God called her to quit her reliable, full-time job in order to walk blindly into a new season. She talks about how she discovered what her skills were in the midst of being a Jill of all trades. plus, she shares a never before told story about her childhood to which She now has issues with her mailbox (counseling may be needed).

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I had so much fun chatting with Jamie. I've been listening to her on The Popcast for over a year so talking with her felt like I was on their show--which is an ultimate goal of mine. I may be on some watch list by this point.

I loved how brave she was to step out and quit her full-time job--imagining a life that she always wanted--yet being brave enough to step out even though there wasn't a firm place to set her foot at the time. And I loved hearing her advice for single women. If you are a single woman, I hope that you were encouraged by her. My favorite take away was you do you. You be who you are and don't change for anyone else. I think that message is on point for any woman whether married or single.