Episode 8: Lauren Byrne

My friend, Lauren Byrne, joins me for episode 8 of the Surviving Sarah podcast. Lauren and I met likely in the backyard as kindergarteners making mud pies. I'm pretty sure there is video footage of us acting like Elvis impersonaters singing "No More Monkey's Jumping On The Bed" with her cousins. Good times. I'm sure those years of mud pies lead her to great success in life. She is such a smart woman who is a lawyer and former prosecutor and her life experience has made her such a strong woman of faith.


Lauren and her husband, Bob, have 6 kids--which is a self-admitted circus. Her story that she shares in the show is one of tragedy and survival. Lauren faced every parent's worst nightmare. She lost her firstborn son when he was under 2 years old. We talk about her story of unexpected tragedy and the lessons she has learned through walking through such an event. 

Lauren's survival kit includes: 

  • Coffee (YAAS!)
  • A small group of women who you can be honest with about life. Her group meets bi-monthly and takes weekend getaways. 
  • A woman who is older than you--who is a few steps down the road that can help speak wisdom into your life.
  • Podcasts - The Gospel Coalition

Links to the show:

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Huge thanks to Lauren for sharing her story of heartbreak. I hope that you were inspired today. And if you know someone who has walked through something like Lauren, please share the show with them.