Episode 3: Ashleigh Slater

My friend, Ashleigh Slater, joins me for episode 3 of the Surviving Sarah podcast. We met through a mutual college friend about a year ago, and Ashleigh was gracious to invite me to contribute to her blog, Ungrind. If you follow me, you will have noticed my monthly contributions there. Ashleigh is a wife of 13 years, mother to 4 girls (you read that right!) and writer.

In this episode, we talk about surviving relationships--specifically marriage--but some of the advice lends itself well to surviving any relationship. We unpack some of the points from her book, Team Us. We discuss how to handle conflict, how to get on the same page, how to make peace with the past and how to fight as allies to name a few.

Ashleigh's survival kit includes: 

  • Binge watching Netflix with her husband. They are currently watching Person of Interest and Blacklist
  • She joined a women's bible study this fall and it has helped to have someone else listen and respond with "me too"
  • She has improved her health through exercise and clean eating.
  • Lately, she is surviving through laughter--being able to laugh in the midst of difficult circumstances. 

Links to the show:

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