Episode 188: Natalie Taylor



I am so happy to welcome Natalie Taylor to the table today. She is a Certified Financial Planner, Professional and Behavioral Financial Advisor who is passionate about helping people cultivate a plan for their finances based on their values and goals. She is also a wife and mom who lives in my favorite place, Santa Barbara. I am so excited to share this conversation with you. I found it extremely helpful and I think you will, too.

We talk about 3 common pitfalls that we fall into with our finances. And with that topic, we talk tips for budgeting, advice about how to avoid debt or get out of debt, and how to align our finances with what we value. Plus, she turns the table on me and coaches me on the subject of values and finances.

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  • We often don’t have a rhythm in our lives when it comes to money. We need to think about what are the important things to me—what do I value and how to make decisions to support those things.

  • You are not bad if you have debt. We need to look back at our spending as detectives and not shame throwers.

  • “A budget is a tool to get you somewhere.”

  • When it comes to debt: “Focus on one debt at a time and knock it out."

  • 3 pitfalls: budgeting, debt, not aligning values and finances

Discussion Questions:

  • What does financial planning look like for you?

  • How were finances handled for you growing up? And did that affect how you handle money?

  • What emotions rise up for you when you talk about finances?

  • What do you find difficult about budgeting?

  • What was something that Natalie talked about that you found helpful?

  • What do you think your core values might be?

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