Episode 186: Dan Scott



I am so excited to welcome my friend Dan Scott to the table. Dan has been working with kids for over 20 years as a teacher in education, pastor and communicator. He is also the father of 4 and he is passionate about reaching the hard to reach preteen age group.

He is the author of the book Caught in Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out which offers the latest research findings on preteens, sums up conversations every ministry leader is having about preteen ministry, and walks readers through a comprehensive plan to engage preteens in ways that will ensure they have what they need to build an authentic faith.

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We have a conversation centered on the topic of tweens. We talk about who tweens are at this phase of life and what they need from us; why they are literally losing their minds at age 11; how to help our kids become critical thinkers as they are moving from a concrete way of thinking into an abstract way of thinking; we talk about handling technology and how to handle the bible with this age. This conversation comes at the perfect time where your tween is heading back to school and facing a lot of responsibility. I think you’ll find this episode very helpful.


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  • As parents, we can help them understand the natural consequences for their autonomy.

  • “Allow them to fail while it’s still a soft landing.” Dialog with them about their decision making process. Ask them questions so that they will learn what it looks like to ask questions.

  • Your home needs to be the safest place for a kid to ask a hard question about faith. Questions are okay. Without tension we don’t learn. We don’t grow. We have to let our kids wrestle with these topics.

  • They are emotionally abstract and cognitively concrete.

  • When it comes to reading the Bible, help them navigate what would be most helpful for them to read instead of just starting from the beginning like every other book.

  • Cognitively, your tween is literally losing their mind. Their mind is working to figure out which information to keep and which to discard.

Discussion Questions:

  • What were you like as a tween?

  • What significant moment or pivotal circumstance happened to you at that age and how did that cause you to see yourself in the world?

  • What can help you have empathy for your tweens in this phase?

  • What can you do this week to help you teach your kids in this phase to think critically?

  • What can you do to help you understand who your tween in becoming?

  • How can you adjust your expectations of your tween?

  • What was the most helpful takeaway from this episode?

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