Episode 164: Kathleen Edelman



You are going to love today’s episode. I loved it when I recorded it and loved it when I edited it. Kathleen Edelman joins me. She is an expert on temperaments and recently released a new study called I Said You Heard. It is a 6 week video based study that will help you understand yourself and others better in order to communicate better.

We talk about the difference between temperaments and personalities, Kathleen breaks down each of the four temperaments and tells us who they are, what language they speak, what they need, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how to communicate well between temperaments and how to handle conflict better. There is so much good and powerful information in this episode. I think you’re gonna love it.

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  • There’s a connection between what we say and our temperament and ultimately what those things will cause us to believe about ourselves.

  • Strive to be the best version of yourself and do this in your strengths. “I have a tendency to ____ but I’m going to choose to be ____"

  • Innate needs:

    • red - loyalty, sense of control, appreciation, credit for work

    • yellow - approval, acceptance, attention, affection

    • green - peace, quiet, feeling of worth, lack of stress, respect

    • blue - sensitivity, safety, support, space, silence (works off of trust and safety)

  • Initiate the pause - make sure you are speaking the language that person needs to hear

  • "Most people don’t listen to understand. they listen to react or respond. listen to understand.”

  • When it comes to conflict, pause. What part did I play? What could i have chose to say or do differently?

  • You learn about temperaments in order to build THEM up according to their needs. Its not about just understanding yourself better but about understanding others better.

  • If they are not getting what they innately need, they will use their weakness.

    • yellow will use flattery

    • red will use tone or anger

    • blue will use moods and silence

    • green will use procrastination and stubbornness (withdrawn with their words)

Survival Kit:

  • love seeing her children become adults - spending time with them

  • laughing

  • massages

  • driving in her truck and listening to books on tape



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